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Shopping Paradise

Local and outstation visitors usually make a beeline to the border town of Padang Besar on weekends and during the holiday season to shop for a variety of goods. There are duty free shops stocked with a range of electronic and electrical products, textiles, household items, handicraft, souvenirs as well as an interesting assortment of agricultural produce and foodstuffs. Padang Besar is the last stop on the Peninsula's rail route to Thailand.

The farmers' market or 'pasar tani' is the best place to go for fresh produce and to look for local handicraft, small curious and knick-knacks. These open-air affairs which are held weekly have a fiesta-like atmosphere and provide an insight into the way in which business is carried out by the rural folk.


Emas Kerajang Sdn Bhd
Padang Besar
Wang Kelian


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